Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law pertains to protecting the rights and interests arising from the intellectual work and products created byindividuals.  It has gained great importance as a result of  technological developments and the intensification of Research & Development studies. The protection of intellectual property rights has not only become one of the most important assets of commercial organizations but it has also great importance for the beneficiaries. The protection of intellectual property rights and other related legal measures are provided by our law firm through  consultancy activities as well as other legal actions such as litigation, registration and declaratory actions.

Intellectual property rights have different and unique characteristics from other areas of law. It is not possible to master intellectual rights with conventional legal knowledge and methods. Therefore it is not possible  to resolve disputes regarding intellectual property rights without taking their specific characteristics into account. Taking these nuances into consideration, our law firm provides the most effective legal services at national and international level with the help of our professional staff specialized in the field of intellectual property law and our affiliated organizations.

Copyright Research and Consultancy Services

  • Protection of the rights of the author and correlative rights
  • Trademark registration and domain studies
  • Copyright protection contracts
  • Resolution of disputes arising from copyright violations and execution of litigation processes

Management of the industrial property rights applications and registrations

  • Patents
  • Utility Model
  • Trademark
  • Industrial Design
  • Geographical Signs
  • Integrated Circuit Topographies
  • Breeder’s rights over new plant varieties


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