Prison Sentence For Those Who Drawed Dud Cheque

Prison Sentence For Those Who Drawed Dud Cheque

Dear clients, with the temporary article 5 added to the 5941 Cheque code on 25/03/2020, the prison sentences imposed against those convicted of issuing dud cheque was suspended for a period of 1 year.

TEMPORARY ARTICLE 5- (Added:25/3/2020) (1) The execution of the sentences  those convicted the crime defined in Article 5 until 24/3/2020 are suspended as of the  effective date of this article. The convict has to pay one tenth of the unpaid cheque amount to the payee within one year at the latest from the date of release. If convicr pays the remaining part in fifteen equal payments, two months apart from the end of the one-year period, the court decides that the criminal conviction is abolished with all its consequences. If one tenth  of the unpaid part of the cheque is not paid within one year at the latest from the date of  suspension of execution, the court will decide the continuation of the execution upon the  payee’s complaint. If the convict does not pay one of the payments for the first time within the  time limit, this unpaid payment will add to the end of the term. If convict does not pay one  more of the remaining payments, the court will decide to continue the execution upon the  payee’s complaint.

(2) With in the suspend of execution of the sentence , the punishment’s lapse of time  does not continue.

Before the said temporary article is added to the code, those who draw dud cheque were given a judicial fine of up to 1500 days for each cheque, and this penalty was converted into the prison sentence if not paid on time. Temporary article 5 will not be effective anymore on 26/03/2021 and those who had prison sentence because of drawing dud cheque will be sent to prison again, with the complaint made by payee.

The steps had to be followed for preventing to execution is below:

1) One tenth of unpaid part of the cheque must be paid to the payee until 26 of March 2021,

2) In the following process, the value of the cheque must be completed by paying in 15 payments in every 2 months.

a) If one of the payments are not paid within the time, this payment will be added to the end.

b) If the payments will not be paid for the second time, the execution of the debtor’s prison sentence continues.

Consequently, we kindly inform you that the execution of the prison sentences of the debtors who do not pay these payments on time can be resumed.